Friday, July 29, 2011


And yet more lemons. This one was actually begun before the previous
post. I was trying for a tonal painting but it was too tonal and needed some
bright lights. I spend a little time each day staring at other artists' work I like.
There are paintings I've memorized but aspects of those paintings, specific
elements of what actually was done to achieve them, seem to escape my
left brain when I'm working. Whatever I do identify seems to evaporate.
Doing a series of studies of the same subject with similar lighting helps to
reinforce the small things I learn. But those lessons didn't carry over to
the coffee cup I tried to paint yesterday!


Carol Horzempa said...

What ever you are doing is working, Lorraine. I like the lemon on the right staring at the group on the left and the warm orange shadow underneath.

You probably don't know how many artists stare at your work and become inspired!

Virginia Floyd said...

I love to stare at other artists' work, too, including yours. Love the lemon series. Yellow isn't easy!

Kathy Cousart said...

I like "Scout"!! Great composition...I also look at others work and have to say we are our own worst critics!! Wonderful color and highlights here!! Bring on more lemons= they are wonderful!

claire christinel said...

Very nice painting and great name! I love the light on the Scout. Beautiful!

Randy Saffle said...

I love all the juicy textures and colors in the table cloth. Sweet!

Virginia Floyd said...

Lorraine, I have tagged you with a challenge on my blog. Tag, you're it!

Ruth Andre said...

Love the lemon series and the tonal quality of the background. Very nice.