Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just a Sketch

Since I set foot into the representational world of painting, I've often
longed for painterly effects usually seen in more abstract work. I keep
trying to marry both on one surface and often feel like I end up with
something artificial. I know there are artists all over the place who
succeed. Looking at David Shevlino and Meier Appelfeld have helped
jog something, but I recently saw Terry Miura's blog and the idea of a
"sketch" finally penetrated my brain. I see "study" and "sketch" everywhere
on people's blogs out there but when I get to the studio, my "bad" self
takes over and pushes to make each painting a finished-done-for-posterity
painting. Sheesh! What an ego! I've been working on a larger (12 x 16)
of lemons in a row and struggling with it and a light bulb went off: why
not do "just a sketch?" My thinking and decisions were entirely different
from my usually rigid mind-set. I could think in terms of where I want lights
and darks for the composition. I could use runny paint and just let brush-
strokes be nothing more than brushstrokes. I admire Lisa Daria's work.
She doesn't let a boundary or outline confine her. I just can't seem to make
myself do the things I know I want to do. OK . . . time for a drink.


Ann Rogers said...

Lorraine, LOVE the light in this. So much fun reading your comments, seems like you are putting my thoughts on your page. Guess we are all struggling with the same issues. Happy painting, I'm seeing sooo much progress in the direction you want to go!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Gorgeous Lorraine! Me thinks you don't give yourself enough credit!

suzannepaints said...

OH, no! you have been driven to drink! This study is a big win, Lorraine. The composition is just great!

Pam Holnback said...

This looks like a sketchy study! Hope you went for lemonade! Are you using large brushes. That really helps w. the looseness!

Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful light in this, Lorraine! You are indeed too hard on yourself. Your produce beautiful paintings.
Love the Jazz apples on pink, also.

HYE Y COH said...

Hi Lorraine,
Regardless, you are an amazing painter. This painting is a winner. I like that every lemon is quite painterly, still the last one has more focus on it.
I have the same struggle as you. It is getting worse. Before I was able to finish one small painting in a day, if I paint on that day. Nowadays I often,(actually all the time) end up ruinning the quite decent painting and left with the deflated feeling. If I look at the photo of the first finish, it was not bad at all. When I read your posting today, I realized that I wanted to have sketch-like spontaneous style in my painting , but what I am doing is quite opposite. Too much left brain control... that's why it is not flowing. I was staying with small format, wishing that I will treat it like little thumbnail sketch. Not succeeding yet. Lisa Daria never deals with many obj in her small format. Happy painting!!
Thanks for the sharing the name of other artist who inspires you.

Kathy Cousart said...

Wonderful brushwork and whatever you call it- sketch/ me it is a beautifully done painting! Gorgeous light and shadow- love the lemons on wood surface. Huge Yay on this one:)

Sheriart said...

It's interesting to read about your process. To me, it looks like you have mastered your technique. The lemons have nice edges and beautiful color.

Giselle McMenamin said...

Wonderful art Lorraine. Nice brushwork especially!

HYE Y COH said...

Hi Lorraine,
Thanks for the comment on my Lavender Rose. You got it! The painful confession I have to make is I repainted over the absolutely fine painting,vs.1.
Why don't I make just another one instead of reworking? I am still in pain at a loss of painting, my time and the doubt of self....
Even it is a lust little painting..

Linda Nickles said...

In my eye, this has a very painterly quality to it. You have nice, loose brushwork and wonderful light and dark contrast. I also sense moodiness here -- very dramatic!

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I absolutely adore hearing the thought you have about these paintings and I SO relate to struggles you mention! I think the "Lost" version might be my favorite one but I feel so gratified, first to see these GORgeous paintings and then to hear you were trying to keep them as studies. Brilliant, and that's the way I want to think. I love blurred edges and the lovely drips you mention. I'm also going to try to be more brave, thank you for all the great reminders.

Kathye said...

I love this painting -- so rich in color and brush strokes. Very nice.
I am all for a drink after a GREAT painting! I am really enjoying your artwork!

Randy Saffle said...

Your paintings look far from rigid to me! Juicy is more like it. Don't be so hard on yourself. You already have most of the things you are striving for. :?)

jane minter said...

a beautiful sketch lorraine ..your work is full of life and feeling ..all the best with your joint exhibition lorraine.

jane minter said...

beautiful sketch lorraine work is ful of lfe and feeling ... all the best for your joint exhibition .