Thursday, July 2, 2015

Galveston Beach Side

This was not a very interesting scene, taken from a motel
parking lot, but I love palm trees and love painting them so
I snapped it. I thought it was finished months ago but it
was pretty blah. Reworking was an opportunity to use my
imagination which I forget to use sometimes because I tend
to get hung up on accuracy and trying to be faithful to a scene.
Going forward, my intention is to focus more on color, texture
and paint manipulation. And to make stuff up!


carol morgan carmichael said...

Great paint manipulation. I am trying to work on not focusing as much on the subject but more on the painting and what works. I guess I am speaking more to recent still life work but it applies to all.
Happy 4th!

Chris Lally said...

Don't know what this looked like before you reworked it, but it is just beautiful now. Love the atmosphere & color palette.

Carol Flatt said...

Your reworking certainly produced a successful painting, Lorraine. I think there's great excitement and interest as it just glows with the gold and yellows and verticals and horizontals. My favorite part is that yellow building.

padmaja said...

The horizontals and the verticals make a very interesting composition, love the choice of colors and the paint application.