Saturday, May 9, 2015

Working Galveston

This painting is from a photo taken on the working side of Galveston
Island. It will be included in a Hunt Gallery group show based on the
gulf coast, opening May 14th. It was a very complicated scene with
so much going on, I kept getting lost. It was great practice on editing
and simplifying.


Carol Flatt said...

Lorraine, this is truly magnificent. I can only imagine how complex the original photo must have been with all the railings, scaffolding, pipes, etc. You've done an incredible job making this behemoth of a machine show depth and power, yet it mesmerizes me with it's intricacy, rhythms and patterns.

hmuxo said...

This is an amazing painting Lorraine. The details are incredible. Wonderful work!!!

hmuxo said...

An amazing painting Lorraine! The details are unbelievable and I can see how you can get lost!
I love the colors.. It looks like a very difficult piece! (which you aced!)

carol morgan carmichael said...

You are killing it with these urban scenes. Crazy good! Your style is great. Congrats!

Ceridianna said...

yes, great job the colours are magnificent