Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm deliberately practicing to not define too much because I often
still lapse back to spelling everything out. It helps to have a simple
composition and to start out with amorphous shapes. I'm thinking
of choosing a photo reference and drawing it, doing the observation
part in the drawing—working out the composition, lights/darks, then
painting from the b&w sketch, essentially relying on memory or
even making the painting up from imagination. Paintings of mine
that I'm happiest with are the ones that are blocked in, then finished
without the photo reference.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

lovely... lovely...The transparent with cool opaque on top is extra satisfying to see and explore. Are you familiar with the work of Michael Workman? Check him out. He may be a tad more refined that what you are after but no one does shapes with edges better than him Doug Fryer, Nancy Bush also studied with him. Each one able to make their own voice within his concepts.

Carol Flatt said...

I agree with you 100%, Lorraine, but it took me this long to come to that conclusion. As a beginner I needed the photo reference because I was very literal and wanted my work to look "like" something. Also, lack of confidence in my skills made me cling to that photo until the work was finished. However, I have a stronger feeling of ownership towards my work, and want it to reflect my vision, my tastes and my explorations. My initial drawing is less and less complete and perhaps more altered, and I feel comfortable working from a grayscale version of the original. I hope to reach the point where I can sketch the scene I want in detail complete with composition, values, lighting, lead-ins, simplifications, atmospheric quality, etc.
You always inspire me in what you do in your paintings.
I didn't mean to share so much of my own experiences, but we often seem to mirror one another in our goal.
These backlit trees with the "gateway" between them is wonderful, truly. I get a feeling of great distance in this scene.

hmuxo said...

Loose and beautiful...I love the colors in this piece..VERY nice, Lorraine!!

Carol Schiff said...

Lovin' this one Lorraine

Karen Werner said...

Oh what LOVELY texture you have throughout! Really nice work!

Jane said...

Painted in a wonderfully free and loose way, and the colors are just gorgeous.