Sunday, July 28, 2013

March of the Trees 2

More adventures in trying to create space and mark-making.
Every preconception I had about painting landscapes was pretty much
wrong. No matter how much I look at other artists' landscapes, my brain
is slow to comprehend how they achieved a sense of distance, so lots of
trial and error . . .


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I like the more dramatic cropping in this one and yes - you are still achieving a feeling of distance.
Neat texture.

hmuxo said...

Excellent landscape, Lorraine. I love your brush work in this painting..

LS Nelson said...

Landscape is much harder than one would think. I struggle too, but I'm determined to get where I want to be.
This is lovely. I'd call it a resounding success. Are you familiar with Tibor Nagy? If not, you'll love him.

MÂȘ Carmen said...

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