Monday, June 11, 2012

Apples on Gray

I needed a break from wrestling with heads and grabbed an already-
painted panel of these two apples. It was a very bad, labored painting
with a dark background so a good candidate to paint over without being
attached to the result. I no longer had the setup or the apples and hadn't
photographed them so I used what was there as a base and decided to
make the rest up. I keep grappling with finding the intersection between
"paint what you see" and invention and now I had nothing to look at and
nothing to copy. I felt the earth move . . . it was so freeing to mix colors
without trying to match what I was looking at. Just loved mixing reds that
looked good to me, experiencing the tactile quality of paint, brushing it on
thick without being faithful to anything. (hmmm?) Whether it's a good
painting or not, both my opposing brains came together for a little while
and that felt really really good.


carol morgan carmichael said...

Yummy reds. Love all the colors you introduced into the apples. Nice brushwork and edges too.

Linda Popple said...

As always, I love seeing your brushstrokes. And the reds are vibrant and I like the way your brush softens the edges and brings just a bit of that red into the background. VERY nice, Lorraine!

Virginia Floyd said...

Just wonderful! The shades colors in the apples are fascinating. And I love the thick paint and lush brushstrokes.

Under the willow tree - Elaine said...

I really like your brush strokes. I think these red apples are absolutely stunning...

Carol Flatt said...

You sound like you really had a good time painting this one! What a yummy combination - an array of gorgeous luscious reds with the rich grays! I'd love to watch over your shoulder as you paint!

hmuxo said...

LOVE your brush work and rich colors, Lorraine! Beautifully painted!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You handled those reds beautifully.
I like your bold brush marks a lot, Lorraine.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

You have perfectly described my attraction to abstract painting!

The apples are gorgeous, Lorraine. Hope you explore more in this direction.