Saturday, March 17, 2012

Head 2

I've been away from blogging for what feels like a long time but I have
been painting. I really wanted to post something mostly to thank everyone
for all the supportive comments! Still struggling to paint heads. My greatest
problem seems to be temperature, something I've never thought about
before and still don't know anything about. I decided to give up on getting
a likeness about 8 or 9 versions ago but found that my left and right brains
were having a tug of war—over and over, kept finding myself intent on a
likeness. In the end, I didn't get one. The model (from a photo) didn't have
this concerned expression. I think I painted my own feeling of concern
onto her face. Big learning curve . . . looking forward to doing more.


martinealison said...

Un portrait plein de douceur... L'association des couleurs de la peau avec les nuances de bleu est superbe.
J'aime particulièrement son regard...
Gros bisous à vous

Linda Popple said...

Really beautiful, Lorraine. I love the loose brush work that you do. The blues are lovely and I especially like the blue used in her hair and face. With the reds added you get very nice temperature changes. I look forward to seeing more of your portrait work!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Lorrain.
This and your previous portrait are fantastic. So lifelike. please carry on painting portraits, there beautiful. All the best Lorraine.

Karen Werner said...

Since I didn't see the model, likeness is not a concern, so I can just enjoy this beautifully painted work. Your brushwork, sense of color, fabulous unity and especially the natural skin tones. The color alone is simply fabulous!

claire christinel said...

I have nothing to compare the image to, and have no interest in comparing. This is a beautifully sensitive painting, full of emotion, gorgeous brushwork, and the harmonious colours throughout are simply fantastic! Welcome back!

hmuxo said...

This portrait is absolutely amazing!! The skin tones are beautiful..Congratulations on this beautiful piece!!

julie davis said...

Beautiful, Lorraine. As always, great commentary and inspirational, too. I just named you for a blog award on my blog. Grab it off my blog when you have some time. No rush. xo

Jane said...

Likeness or not , the portrait is gorgeous! I am having the same struggle as you, exactly the same !