Sunday, January 8, 2012


Still working to shift my focus to painting light and dark rather than
individual objects. I succeed pretty well in the early stages but then
get enamored of specifics and tend to lose sight of the bigger picture.
The bigger picture is right in front of me, whether a set-up or a photo.
But the bigger picture on another level is all of the things to be mind-
ful of: correct values to imply form, color relationships to make the
surface sing, spatial concerns, mark-making, texture, composition.
And yet there's an even bigger thing to be aware of: intention. There's
a wonderful lofty quote by Odilon Redon on the Powers of 
Observation site.

“I would prefer to claim with Pissarro that the art of painting, for those who 
know how to use their eyes, resides in an apple on the corner of a table. 
What could be more stupid than painting an apple! And yet to make of 
such a simple fact something that will be elevated to beauty, painting 
will have to engage all of its means; it will have to be solid, flexible, and 
rich in substance, suggestive too, so suggestive that it will have the luxury, 
the grandeur of revealing man’s presence in the apple — the apple surrounded 
with an atmosphere of thought.” 
From "To Myself," Odilon Redon

If I keep sight of this one, albeit very large intention, maybe everything
else will fall in line.


Kathy Cousart said...

Whew- you always get me thinking. Love the quote on intention! And, wonderful painting and think you nailed it. Gorgeous light and dark!!

Darla McDowell said...

Beautiful oranges, Lorraine. They do, indeed, feel very luxurious. Wonderfully thought-provoking message, too.

carol morgan carmichael said...

A definite beauty! Love the bits of grey, blue and green in the shadows. Great piece.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

You always blow my mind, Lorraine! You can make the most complex painting from the most simple props. I love the way you push, push, push yourself in ways I have not even though about.

Linda Popple said...

I like your diagonal composition. Your colors, as always, are just superb. Love it!

hmuxo said...

I always love your brush strokes and love the vibrant orange color!! Well done...

claire christinel said...

Wow! That's quite a quote! That's something to post on one's easel! This is a lovely painting, and I love the light on the table top emphasizing the focal orange. As always your brushwork is strong and artistic. Love it!

Helen Cooper said...

Beautiful , love the rich colors and all those lost and found edges! Stunning!


I love this painting! The irregular edges are fabulous.

Azra said...

I think you have the style that Redon was talking about.They are oranges but more suggested than exact.Beautiful!!

Carol Flatt said...

What you do with light and shadow is a gift to behold!!

Pétales de fées said...

Chère Lorraine,
this painting is very successful but my favorite is entitled "Long Shadow", beautiful and bright ... but I like EVERYTHING!
I take this comment to wish you a very beautiful, very sweet and happy year 2012! See you soon!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Everyone before has said it all but I am agreeing with everyone.
I love your work.

Giselle McMenamin said...

What a fabulous dance of color and texture. Your pieces always seem to come alive in their own realm. Quite magical. Thanks for the feedback on my seascape. Much appreciated.

Virginia Floyd said...

This painting is so rich and luxurious, Lorraine!
Your paint application is always stunning. I just love this!

Robin Rosenthal said...

Your paint application is so luscious. A lot to think about all the time. Beautiful.

suzannepaints said...

Leave me a message if you can meet me in the AM,
Saturday. I'm in your town

Virginia Floyd said...

I've been wondering about you. What have you been doing? Have you sold some paintings? I think about you often. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my painting.

Nigel Fletcher said...

Only just discovered your work and blog and realise this is an artist to follow, so am looking forward to receiving your latest in my inbox