Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gossip 4

And yet another panel that endured much scraping and wiping. 
The mush that was left from wiping turned out to be helpful --- 
suddenly I saw the painting as not 3 distinct pears, saw what 
should disappear into darkness, what could just be hinted at and that 
the pear on the right needed to dissolve into the background. I'm trying 
to "be b-b-b-brave," as Susan Nally says on her blog and work differently 
than I normally do. The goal was to lay in color and value without delineating 
and see if I could make the forms recognizable.
Claire Christinel wrote some bullet points on her site from a workshop 
she took, one of which was to turn away from the setup periodically. 
I used to feel like I was cheating when I did, but if I don't, I tend to be 
too literal and not notice what's happening on the canvas, the flow of 
light and dark, color relationships, where I want to direct the eye, ie.,
the "art" part. I learn so much from visiting fellow bloggers' sites . . . 
you give me so much more to think about and practice.


Kathy Cousart said...

You were braaaave and did a great job. Way to hang in there and come through with a wonderful painting!
I learn a lot from others sites to...everyone helps everyone- what an amazing community. Love it.

Ann Rogers said...

Lorraine, this "mistake" works so well with lost edges that just make the finished painting.

Pétales de fées said...

C'est superbe ! J'aime beaucoup cette matière, cette fragmentation de la surface sur vos toiles ! Et aussi la couleur !
Bravo !

Merci pour le traducteur ... mais ce n'est pas le plus facile à utiliser !
Désolée ! Il y en a qui traduisent automatiquement le texte, ici il faut faire des manipulations un peu longues et qui coupent surtout de l'image !
Have a nice week !
Kiss from France !

carol morgan carmichael said...

Agree with Ann. Love the thick paint and lost edges.

Caladh said...

Beautiful colors. You did a great job with the flow of colors and light/dark, without blending.

Linda Popple said...

Again, I have learned from you. I appreciate that there is so much sharing in this community. :-)

I'm glad you stuck with this painting. It really is lovely with the lost edges and rich color.

martinealison said...

Mes yeux sont ravis de regarder votre peinture... L'harmonie des couleurs et le jeu de lumière sont très intéressants... Le fond qui pourrait ne faire qu'un avec vos poires apporte une grande profondeur à votre sujet au contraire.
le résultat est vivant.

Virginia Floyd said...

Really gorgeous, Lorraine! Fantastic brush stokes! I love the dark shadows, with the light striking the two front pears. So glad you kept working on it. Great job!

claire christinel said...

Wow! Lorraine, thank you so much for linking to my website! What a wonderful surprise. :-) I'm really glad you've enjoyed my posts.

I'm absolutely loving your painting style. I'm always drawn to a looser style with great brushwork, as I tend to finish things too much and I'm trying to move more in your direction. So I really enjoy the tactile effect in all of your paintings. Keep them coming! And thanks again.

Janice said...

I think the scraping is really working for you! Again, I love this!

Pétales de fées said...

Merci pour le traducteur ! C'est super !
J'aime vraiment cette belle façon d'attraper la matière et de jouer entre densité et légèreté. C'est très beau !
Kiss from France !

Peinturesetaventures said...

Your latest paintings are really refreshing and I love the movements you create in every one of them. Beautiful colors also. Helen

claire christinel said...

Hi Lorraine, thanks very much for your very well worded comment. Yes, to everything you've said. I think in particular, when I'm doing a small 6 x 6 still life, I become more literal, and I get much more painterly and put more art into the more resolved paintings. On giving it some thought, the small ones are for practice, experimentation, and teaching ourselves to see more sensitively. Journey on! And I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Season.