Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Day in Paradise

It was fun to concentrate on color and making marks and not think 
at all about accuracy. I take photos of buildings all the time but I'm
not really interested in reproducing them on canvas. I've wasted a lot
of time moaning about not having a subject I'm excited about.
Then it struck me that I could assemble different architectural features to
give myself a structure to hang paint on. I drew a b&w composition in my
sketchbook and used it as a model. Color was made up and maybe it's
too simplistic but it's an experiment to alter my thought process, practice
straying from reality and try to get closer to a marriage of representation
and abstraction.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Galveston Beach Side

This was not a very interesting scene, taken from a motel
parking lot, but I love palm trees and love painting them so
I snapped it. I thought it was finished months ago but it
was pretty blah. Reworking was an opportunity to use my
imagination which I forget to use sometimes because I tend
to get hung up on accuracy and trying to be faithful to a scene.
Going forward, my intention is to focus more on color, texture
and paint manipulation. And to make stuff up!